Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Holiday compensation claims – getting what you deserve after a holiday from hell

If you waited all year to get away from the grind and relax in the sun, the snow or any other exciting getaway, you will be forgiven for being upset if it all went wrong. If it went really wrong though and ended up with personal injury or other significant trauma or loss you may well be entitled to compensation. Holiday claims could get you the financial redress you deserve if you have endured a holiday from hell.

Accident on holiday – accidents do happen and sometimes they just can’t be avoided. However, if your accident was the fault of someone else you could claim money back against the suffering it has caused you.

Sickness on vacation – again, sometimes sickness can’t be avoided but if it was caused by a hotel, for instance by food poisoning then you can claim. Legionella risk assessment is sometimes not adequate in accommodation with a pool for example and this is a common cause of tourist illness.

Accident on an aircraft – even if your accident occurred before you touched down in your destination country you could be entitled to compensation.

If you have suffered and it was no fault of yours then you should do something about it and make a claim.

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